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Want Clean Skin?

Posted by Mary Lawson-Evans
Mary Lawson-Evans
Mary is an advanced skin care professional and Salon Owner. She specializes in detailed skin analysis, Environ...
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on Thursday, 12 April 2012
in Skincare

watercleaneObviously we shower, but then there are bits of our skin that are exposed ie face, neck & décolletage that need a more nourishing and gentle cleanse. This can be a post code lottery! If you live in London your skin gets very dirty, as opposed to a more rural or less built up area. You also need to take into consideration the type of job you do and what your skin is exposed to on a daily basis.

Facial Cleanser should not:


Your skin gets a surface layer of daily grease and grime from the pollution in the air, traveling on the tube or just being at home or work, pollution from central heating, air condition etc The clever thing about the skin is that it has an amazing protective barrier that stops dirt particles from absorbing into it. They just sit on the surface of this clever organ without ever penetrating.

avstcleanlotionboxwebSo if that is the case doing a deep cleanse is not really necessary. All you need is a cleanser that will remove this layer of grease and grime without any need to go any deeper. If you wear make-up then this layer of grease and grim will simply sit on top - so you just need a cleanser to clean your make up off and the job is all done! Best to cleanse twice 1. Clean of the skin 2. Clean the skin, 2 easy steps.

Always check your cleanser has no SD Alcohol as they will not only take off the grease and grime, but also the natural oils on the skin that act as the barrier. By removing them on a daily basis you will only comprise your skin. Over cleansed skins can comprise the delicate layer that is there to protect us from the grease and grime of the world - by over cleaning it you are putting your skin under undue stress.

d-cleanserBlack Heads are usually a sign or dirty skin, too much make up or fake tan or using cleansing wipes on a daily basis, or just not cleansing properly. Grease from the airsits in the pores and turns black, regular cleansing will help eradicate black heads. Basic cleansing is the first important step to an excellent skincare routine, a rough guide is that normal/combination skin use a cleansing gel/facial wash for a more mature/dry skin use a nourishing cleansing cream.


Cleanse, tone & moisturize basic 3 step rule

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The 5 Steps to Skin Health

Posted by Mary Lawson-Evans
Mary Lawson-Evans
Mary is an advanced skin care professional and Salon Owner. She specializes in detailed skin analysis, Environ...
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on Thursday, 29 March 2012
in Skincare

1. Protection, Protection, Protection

faceBecoming sun-wise by using a broad spectrum sun protection cream and staying out of the Sun between 12-3pm, protect against UVA & UVB, UVA Rays age & UVB Rays burn.

Remember the higher the SPF the higher the chemicals, look out for Titanium Dioxide a natural ingredient & remember to re-apply.

2. Don't Worry Be Happy

Happy people already believe they look good, so with a strong self-esteem & high energy levels & free from anxiety. Stress & anxiety cause free radical damage and restricted blood flow and oxygen to the cells. Exercise such as dancing, walking & yoga can help.

3. Where There is Smoke...There is wrinkles

Smoking robs the skin of oxygen and vital Vitamin C, doubling the rate at which your skin ages, leading to those horrible smokers lines & sallow skin.

4. Sleep Well

faceturbanSleep is the foundation of our wellbeing. Human growth hormone is released to revitalise your body and regenerate cells. The way you sleep also determines your wrinkles ie do you favour one side? If so you will have more wrinkles on that side. Broken sleep also leads to dark circles under the eyes

5. Your Skin is what you eat!

Eating the right foods gives the skin the nutrients it needs to be brighter, smoother & healthier with less wrinkles. Foods like anti-oxidant rich berries, broccoli, dark greens, natural oatmeal, salmon (full of essential fatty acids). We call these water rich foods, drinking water or herbal teas top these up. This is a great two pronged attack, your diet works on the inside and your skin creams work topically.

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Want squeaky clean skin?

Posted by Mary Lawson-Evans
Mary Lawson-Evans
Mary is an advanced skin care professional and Salon Owner. She specializes in detailed skin analysis, Environ...
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on Sunday, 18 March 2012
in Skincare

Skin wipes encourages lazy skin care!

wipesDon't get me wrong wipes do have their uses – festivals, camping, flights, hospital stays – they are great.  Or when drunk, ill or exhausted, wipes are often the only thing stopping someone from sleeping in full make-up, which is never good.

So true to say a cleansing wipe is much better than nothing at all.

Things to remember:

  1. They usually leave an oily residue on the skin, preventing your moisturizer from penetrating & doing its job.
  2. You would use a lot of wipes to get all make up and dirt off the skin & still have the residue left
  3. ladywipeThe oil residue can actually cause black heads in some skin types.
  4. Most have a shelf life of 3 years and that is a lot of chemicals to try and clean your skin with.
  5. Treat them like a McDonald's fast food and only use when there is nothing else.

So next time you can't be bothered to wash off your make up and you go to grab a wipe, please think again.

My advice; use a wipe first and then a facial cleansing wash to actually clean your skin or ditch the wipe all together and cleanse twice, the first gets rid of the dirt and the second cleanse really cleans your skin.

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Skin wipes encourages lazy skin care!

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