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Acne Skin - Stratford upon Avon

Posted by Mary Lawson-Evans
Mary Lawson-Evans
Mary is an advanced skin care professional and Salon Owner. She specializes in detailed skin analysis, Environ...
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on Tuesday, 25 June 2019
in Skincare



Acne is really hard to control and it is true ther is not one treatment or miracle product, best place to start is a good skin consultation - looking at your skin, diet and lifestyle. Acne can be hereditary and diet can be a contributing factor. Lets look at the skin inside and out.

OUTSIDE:  P acne bacteria lives on the surface of the skin, mix this with dead skin cells and sebum and you will get spots.

INSIDE:  Hormones, basically girls have a hormonal cycle so skin tends to fluctuate around this time. Boys will normally grow out of breakouts, however cystic acne is a different type and often needs medical intervention. Adult acne is fairly common these days due to our hormones, stress, diet & lifestyle.


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